Blessings abounding

Sometimes, blessings seem far apart. Spares. Hard to find. This weekend, for my family, or maybe just me, they seemed to abound. And so well timed.  And I am hoping that I can remember them when I feel like things are tough, or I feel forgotten. Because, lets be honest, we all feel that way. But then there are times when we just feel God’s abundance in our lives.

Yesterday  was my son’s Boy Scout troops Blue and Gold dinner. Our first one. And it was potluck…yaaaay. It also happened to be the same day that an event I had been waiting for for months was supposed to kick off. And I REEEAALLLY wanted to go. But, commitments had been made. And William would have been devastated if we didn’t go to his dinner.  So, we set our plans aside, not easily, and prepared for his dinner. His night. To acknowledge his accomplishments. I cooked all day. The theme was Around the World. The boys had all made flags to represent their heritage, so I made dishes that reflected his as well. We had Cumberland Pie casserole, and Bavarian meatballs. They were awesome and yummy.


As life goes, things didn’t work 100%, we ran late, had to take one of the kids home to change clothes. But we made it. And it was fun, and worth it. He got to spend time with his buddies, and got some awards. We watched the older boys get awards and some bridged over.  It was fun, and a bit emotional. Knowing that if he works at it, my son will someday be there.


Moms and dads were so proud. Some cried. Applause abounded for the boys moving up. Entering a new chapter in their scouting. Sometimes, I wonder if God does the same for us when we enter a new chapter in life. When we grasp a new concept of Him, move past a spiritual roadblock, or just learn to practice a little more patience. I am confident that He is proud of us. Maybe even gives up a little round of applause. He is indeed our father, and therefore proud of His children.

However, as proud of the boys as the parents are, they know that there is more to do, further to go, more work to be done. Just like in our spiritual walk. No matter how far we have come, there is still further to go. More to do. And just like those boys parents will still be helping them, supporting them, guiding them along; so does God. He is still walking us down our path, sometimes holding our hands, always nearby.

And then there was today. We went to a different church. We know a lot of people who attend, and have for some time. After service we had the chance to go to lunch. And it was a great time of catching up and reconnecting. Remembering when our kids were little, finding out what is going on in everyone’s lives now. And of course, yummy mexican food. It indeed had been too long. Nothing compares to catching up with long lost friends. I came home feeling so very blessed. And as we consider what we are going to do about our church issues, I wonder if maybe it’s a road sign. This family has been in our lives for years, and we seem to always come back around to each other. And so we will be spending much time in prayer about it.

All in all, it was a busy, but very blessed weekend. And I am looking forward to a busy, and hopefully just as blessed, week!


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