The days are just packed…At least Sundays.

It has been crazy busy around here! I have a Monday Bible study, Boy Scouts, Royal Rangers, Mpact, Gymnastics, and now play rehearsal. Sunday has by far become my busiest day. We have church in the morning, then in the afternoon we have rehearsal for our Easter passion play. All of my kiddos are in it. And I am working on my first production. Which is exciting. And scary. I will be doing makeup and special effects for my church. And getting my kids stage ready. It will be a long day. But it’s going to be awesome!


Information on the play ^^ In case anyone is interested!  Held at The Light Fellowship in Conroe.

At least this week is spring break for the public school system, so some of our activities will not be on the schedule this week. Which is nice. This week I will also be doing the second to last of my makeup class projects as well. This project has been the hardest to fill, and I am PRAYING that it turns out well. So please keep that in your prayers!

So with some much going on, things have fallen away. Not just the stuff that isn’t important, but some important stuff has just gotten shoved to the back burner. And it makes me sad. My personal Bible study has fallen off. And every night when I go to bed, I think I’ll restart in the morning. And then my day starts and it is busy already. Even when I get up early. I feel like I am always catching up, or getting ready for the next day. But, I really do want to get back to my daily Bible Study. I really enjoy the study that I am going through. So, since I had Bible study this morning, I will make time tonight for my study. Even though I have a project to work on for my class Tuesday morning, and I should prep Monday night. I will let something else fall away so that I can do the thing that matters more.

*note= Bible study did not go as planned….but it was a blessing anyway!





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