Playing with makeup

In case you didn’t know, I love makeup. So much that I am taking a makeup artistry class online. I am almost done with it. I have major project left to turn in, and then I take my final exam. So keep that in your prayers!

So, my project that I just finished called for a photographer, one of which I happen to know. She’s awesome. So she agreed to come and help me out and take pictures. The makeup and shoot were a lot of fun. Lots of laughing. And now I am anxiously awaiting my pictures back, so I can turn in my project and use the pics in my book.

My friend also sells Younique. I have been toying with the idea of joining and having the chance to sell the makeup that I am actually using on my clients. But I had never tried anything but the mascara and a lip gloss. So she left a palette (Addiction 2)  and lipstick with me to try out. And I did. For three days I have been playing with the makeup. And I actually really like it. The eye shadow is soft, blends really well, lasts, and there is minimal fallout; even in the blacks and dark greys. Which to me is a big deal. I hate fallout. A lot. The lipstick is SUPER pigmented. I am a red lipstick snob, believe me. She left the color Excessive, a deep red,  with me. It lasted all day, after two meals and multiple bottles of water.


First day using the palette.


Second days look.


Today’s look.

I did a different look each day. I started with a traditional smokey eye and bold lip. Then a more everyday wearable smokey eye and pink gloss. Today is a sliver and gold metallic look and that bold lip. I love a bold lip.

So,if you are on the fence about the palettes, I really liked the one I used. I would say it is worth the money if you are planning to get one. 🙂

If you would like a break down of the colors I used, you can find them on  my IG (Today’s look will be up soon!)




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