As many of you know, I am currently taking a make up artist class. I have also recently posted on how I like Youniques products. I did indeed sign up! I am so excited to be able to offer this line of products to my future clients! I can’t wait to get everything rolling! I have tried loads of makeup products, and I really love this product. I won’t sell things I don’t love, or buy them myself for that matter. Makeup is an investment, and nobody wants to feel like they are wasting money.

I am planning to regularly post pics of my looks I create, and pass along information to all of you here. I will post a link to my Facebook page and IG account as well for you to keep up with what is going on. I will also try to post more of my special effects makeup as well for you to enjoy!

🙂 Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and follows me! You guys are the best!


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