Class dismissed

I posted pictures of my final project for my makeup class a week or two ago. I am please to let you know that I passed my final exam, and thus my class. I am now a certified makeup artist. 🙂 I still have lots to learn, as makeup is always changing, and each new face is different, but I am so excited about this. I have had the desire to do this off and on since I was in high school, but now I have finally done it. I am looking forward to being able to put my skill into action and start working. But it’s still a little scary. No body wants to create a less than perfect look for someone, especially for important events! But…now I am able to help women feel their absolute most beautiful, no matter what kind of look they are looking for. I do, however, LOVE fantasy and fx work. So I will be spending additional time working on those skills.

I look forward to sharing my work here, with you guys.


On another note, please keep Houston in your thoughts and prayers. We are experiencing lots of flooding, and we are expecting more rain. So many people have already lost so much. My gym took in a small amount of water on one side, but many people have several inches or even feet of water in their homes. Some have lost their homes. Schools are closed and people can’t get to work. Thanks guys, your prayers mean so much.

ONE MORE THING! Lol!. I am doing things like Tip Tuesday on my fb page. I post a makeup or beauty tip each Tuesday, and then some follow up information or product recommendation afterwards. Would you like to see that here? Would you like to see similar thing? Like what? Leave me some info in the comments. Thanks!

For real…this is the end…..









What are you still doing here??? pool


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