It’s back today!!

Hey everyone! This is the first of TWO posts today!

First of all,  Youniques Touch Mineral liquid foundation in Organza, Chiffon and Satin are back in stock today! WHOOHOO! I’ve been waiting for them, cause I am OUT of foundation! I am super excited to try this out. Foundation is so important to a good makeup look. It evens skin tone and color, which creates a perfect canvas for the rest of your look.  Organza is a light color with pink undertones, which I find hard to locate in other brands of cosmetics. And it’s cruelty free. 🙂 These shades sell out FAST! Don’t delay!


ALSO, our Browed and proud kudos has gotten even BETTER!  Now you get  a free Lash/brow brush and comb AND a lip stain sampler! That’s along with the pigment, brow pencil, brush, brow gel and tweezers! And five FREE stencils! Holy Cow! This is a fantastic deal! You do not want to miss it.


I will post a link to my party so you can order any foundation, brow kits, or lipstick that you need to make it through the month! If you have any questions, feel free to post them below in the comments and I will get back to you!

Have a wonderful day!


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