Tip Tuesday!



Hey friends and makeup lovers! It’s Tip Tuesday! This weeks tip is for those of you who use makeup remover wipes.

Do you notice that your top wipes are sometimes a little dry while the bottom ones are SUPER wet? The liquid product settles to the bottom of the package and you end up with a lot of wasted liquid when you are done with them. And those last couple of wipes are saturated! So, easy- peasy fix. Flip the package over. Let it sit upside down so the product will work it’s way down to the dry wipes. You will waste less product and get better results from your wipes.

Looking for a good remover wipe? You can check out ours here.


Hope this tip was helpful and I’ll have another for you next week!

*If there is anything you would like to see for Tip Tuesday, post below!*



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