Belated Tip Tuesday

Hey everyone! I am sorry I wasn’t able to post my tip of the week yesterday, I had a pretty busy day here! We finally had a day that was sunny so the kids wanted to get in the pool and I had several errands to run.

So, instead of leaving you haning, I figured better late than never! So without further ado…


I get asked by a lot of women for a little eyeliner advise. Especially when they don’t generally wear it, but would like to work on their skill.  First, if you want to try out a new liner technique, do it before you take off your makeup. Then if you don’t like it, you were gonna take it off anyway. Practice this way until you are comfortable with the results, then do it when you apply your makeup. Second, I recommend a shadow with a damp liner brush. I feel it has good control, you can start with a really light coat of shadow, and build it up. And it’s a little easier to smudge out if you do make any mistakes. I also use the bevel on mine to help line up the wings when I do winged liner. So dampen your brush just little, you don’t want it too wet! Dip in in some loose powder, or any eye shadow that you have and tap off any excess.  I like to start the liner mid way on the lash line, right over my pupil. Then I do the outer edge, and the inner last. You wont need as much shadow on the inner corner, so you can drag your shadow from midway, down into the corner. So, start at your pupil, drag back to the outer corner, return to pupil, drag to inner corner. Re dampen the brush and do the other eye. Once you master the technique, you will find that this way you have an almost endless supply of liner colors!


You can get everything you need to create this liner look here.

So that’s it for this Tip Tuesday! I hope it was helpful to someone out there! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you!


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