Feature Friday

Hey everyone it is…..


And this weeks feature is Youniques Liquid Touch Foundation. I recently got mine, my color had been back ordered for MONTHS. I need a light shade with a pink undertone. Not always easy to get. I also prefer a matte foundation. And pretty full coverage, so any foundation I use needs to be really buildable. So I finally got mine and I have been loving it! The color match is the best I have ever had. Seriously. It’s amazing. It is very light weight. I know lots of people use five drops for their whole face, and five will cover my whole face quite nicely, but just not as fully as I like. I end up using eight drops, which still isn’t bad at all. But if you like a more medium coverage, five drops will do you fine. It does dry to a nice powdery matte, but I still set mine with powder. I find it stays really well. I have oily skin, so unless I use a setting spray I do still get a little shine, but not badly. (I hear the cream foundation is good for oily skin, though!) So either set it or keep a compact powder nearby if you are a little oily. It is generally easy to work with. I like to apply with my fingers, and then even everything out with a damp sponge. We have a foundation brush for this foundation, but I prefer my hands. The brush gets rave reviews though.

The foundation comes in a pretty extensive range of colors, as you can see. I have also included a color matching chart in case anyone is interested in trying this stuff out! I would like to get the whole line of foundations so I can use them on my clients. 079d48625960a7cf300cc8d8b8434f8c$_1

I currently use organza, but as summer moves in I may end up using chiffon. Both are pink undertones, Chiffon is just a little darker.

I have not had any break outs since switching to this foundation. Changing foundations almost always  makes your skin break out. It doesn’t mean the foundation is bad, unless it lingers. It just happens. If you change foundations, keep everything else in your face routine the same, and clean what ever you  use to apply your foundation.

So, that’s it for this weeks feature! I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions about a featured item, leave a comment or contact me and I will answer them for you!


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