Yesterdays work.

I had some free time yesterday so I grabbed my girls and did some practice on them. They enjoy getting to be my face models.

So I did two different looks. The first is a really pretty pink look. I used the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette for some of it. I know  a lot of people don’t like this palette, but when you use it wet, it comes out really pretty. I also used my Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow kit on this look. I put the color Starburst on the inner corner. I used a bright pink from my Karity palette in the outer corner and into the crease. I used the black shadow from the same palette for the eyeliner, for a little softer look. 13151674_1538386453134360_4180017921229933580_n13178026_1538386309801041_8850064099220638422_n

For the second, more fantasy style look, I used mostly my Morphe palette. I did a turquoise cut crease, and on the lid I did a really pretty light aqua color. I used a damp brush to apply it because dry it’s a little too light. I colored her brows with the same color from the crease. I went over the eyelid with a glittery eyeshadow from Sephora in just about the same aqua color. Again, I used a wet brush. I lined her eyes with a white eyeliner from Rimmel.


So there you go! Just some fun looks that we did. I hope that you enjoy them. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


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