Tip Tuesday!

Hey guys! Guess what day it is? No..not Friday..but it’s….


Today’s tip is brought to you by the look I  did today. I did a dark dark smokey eye. And I know a lot of people have trouble working with dark colors because they are hard to blend, or get patchy. So, I have a few tips for you.First use a primer. Always. It makes blending out anything sooo much easier. Second, use a transition color, or two. Start with a very light, almost nude, color on the lid and anywhere the black or dark color will go. Then, use a warm brown. These colors will help blend the black and keep it from looking patchy. Third, add a little at a time. Don’t go in full throttle. The area you touch first with your brush will have the most product deposit. So use a light hand and build your color slowly. Last, pack the color on with a tapping motion, then use a windshield wiper motion to blend it out. Blend like you life and the lives of your cat depend on it.

So for my look today, I used my foundation and concealer on my lids, as normal, and set with a translucent setting powder. I used a little more than usual, for a first blending layer. Then I used chipper from my Addiction 1 palette. I went just over my crease and all the way to the lash line with that brown. I also used it on my lower lash line. Then I went in with a black shadow from a random palette I had, I think it was a hard candy palette. I packed it on the lid and then blended up towards my crease. And I blended away..forever…I added a little  more of the brown to the crease to help it blend out a little more. I added the black to my lower lash line and blended. I then took a black glittery eyeshadow from Sephora and added it to the lid for a little shimmer and dimension.

So there you have it for this Tip Tuesday. I hope you found it useful.

Got more dark makeup tips? Leave them in the comments!

Thanks everyone, have a wonderful day!


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