And for some creepy…..

Yesterday I finally gave into some curiosity and googled creepypasta. I didn’t actually go to the site, I just looked through the images. I found a few characters that I thought were interesting and decided to creepify my son. He’s been betting me to do fx makeup on him anyhow. So I took some of the ideas from creepypasta characters and some imagination and got to work on my son. This was the final result. It was fun to take the picture in low light and get the blacked out eye effect. 13117808_866700433475806_1198263706_n(1)

No special techinique was used, just eyeshadow and lipstick. I am looking for an adult to do a slightly different version of this look, but it involves actually covering up the eyes. I am pretty cautious about what I am putting on young tender skin. I am planning to use latex and eyepatches, but latex pulls hair out when removed. And it hurts soft baby skin. But I am going to do some asking around and see if any of my grown up friends wants to volunteer. 🙂

So there you have it. A creepypasta inspired creepy makeup look. The picture is from my IG account @Twisted_Notts. You can follow me and keep up with all my beauty and fx work there.




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