Tip Tuesday

Hey everyone! It’s Tuesday!



This weeks tip is pretty short and sweet, but a lot of people don’t do it, and it will make a difference in the way your foundation looks and holds. Before you use your foundation, shake it up. Really well. I turn mine upside down and shake. If you are using a dropper style foundation, like this..079d48625960a7cf300cc8d8b8434f8c

With these you want to take the dropper top off and empty the dropper into the bottle. Then put the top back on and shake. This keeps the foundation pigment mixed and you won’t have the old stuff still sitting in the dropper. It won’t get mixed up this way. This makes sure you get even color coverage. No splotchy spots! Shake your primer and moisturizers as well to keep everything evenly distributed in the product.

Sorry I didn’t post on Monday…I have something special coming and I am waiting to do the next Makeup Monday on that! I am super excited to show you what my husband got me!





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