Happy Halloween!

I hope that you all have a fantastic Halloween! Have fun and be safe! I did my first run of skull makeup today on my youngest daughter. I like the end result well enough, but I dislike the white face paint  that I bought for this look. It is really stiff and cracked while I was still applying makeup. But she is happy with it. 14937221_10154785272154756_4802695193091373407_n

We have been so busy it is hard to get anything done. My oldest joined Sea Scouts and my weekends are so packed! We have stuff going on everyday, on top of homeschooling and regular life. There is just not enough time to get everything done! So I am going to  add some pictures of recent fun makeup looks that I have done. Just so you can check it out. 🙂

14702345_10154771514909756_1325036120388668858_nI wore this to my daughters gym on the day that she got to dress up. The girls love to see how I do my makeup each week so I did something special. And had my hair crimped…why be boring?



14729169_1589792884660383_6565021628378366988_nBat wing liner. This was really fun to wear. Takes a steady hand and good lung capacity, cause you really need to hold your breath to keep tidy lines! But it was really worth it!


Working with scar wax. What’s a makeup post with out a little gore?



Candy corn colored makeup.  I love it so much. My favorite look over the last month!



And some new additions to the family!

14199509_10154624581574756_4846227168153207050_nThis is Sammy. Isn’t she pretty?



This is Henry. He belongs to my youngest daughter. She loves him.

14591752_10154712911284756_3303942860317422241_nAnd this is my newest one. Hubby got her for me. Her name is Janie.

I have an obsession with skulls and this is the best time of year to get them from some place other than Amazon.


I recently made the switch to Kat Von D’s foundation. I love a full coverage foundation and I really love this one. It sits on the skin well, it holds up to working out. It didn’t bother my skin any more than I anticipated when changing for one brand to another. And even being full coverage, it doesn’t settle into fine lines. Which for those of us over 20 is a big deal. And one pump is plenty for me. And I like coverage. So all in all I am really happy with the switch.  I do not like the smell, but other than that, I really love it. Oh, and can we take a moment to appreciate the time of year where everyone puts out a black lipstick? #stockupnow.


That’s it for now. I will post a little more later in the week. In the mean time, make sure you follow me in IG for makeup post@ @Twisted_Notts.

Thanks for stopping in!


Tip Tuesday

Hey everyone! It’s Tuesday!



This weeks tip is pretty short and sweet, but a lot of people don’t do it, and it will make a difference in the way your foundation looks and holds. Before you use your foundation, shake it up. Really well. I turn mine upside down and shake. If you are using a dropper style foundation, like this..079d48625960a7cf300cc8d8b8434f8c

With these you want to take the dropper top off and empty the dropper into the bottle. Then put the top back on and shake. This keeps the foundation pigment mixed and you won’t have the old stuff still sitting in the dropper. It won’t get mixed up this way. This makes sure you get even color coverage. No splotchy spots! Shake your primer and moisturizers as well to keep everything evenly distributed in the product.

Sorry I didn’t post on Monday…I have something special coming and I am waiting to do the next Makeup Monday on that! I am super excited to show you what my husband got me!




Tip Tuesday!

Hey guys! Guess what day it is? No..not Friday..but it’s….


Today’s tip is brought to you by the look I  did today. I did a dark dark smokey eye. And I know a lot of people have trouble working with dark colors because they are hard to blend, or get patchy. So, I have a few tips for you.First use a primer. Always. It makes blending out anything sooo much easier. Second, use a transition color, or two. Start with a very light, almost nude, color on the lid and anywhere the black or dark color will go. Then, use a warm brown. These colors will help blend the black and keep it from looking patchy. Third, add a little at a time. Don’t go in full throttle. The area you touch first with your brush will have the most product deposit. So use a light hand and build your color slowly. Last, pack the color on with a tapping motion, then use a windshield wiper motion to blend it out. Blend like you life and the lives of your cat depend on it.

So for my look today, I used my foundation and concealer on my lids, as normal, and set with a translucent setting powder. I used a little more than usual, for a first blending layer. Then I used chipper from my Addiction 1 palette. I went just over my crease and all the way to the lash line with that brown. I also used it on my lower lash line. Then I went in with a black shadow from a random palette I had, I think it was a hard candy palette. I packed it on the lid and then blended up towards my crease. And I blended away..forever…I added a little  more of the brown to the crease to help it blend out a little more. I added the black to my lower lash line and blended. I then took a black glittery eyeshadow from Sephora and added it to the lid for a little shimmer and dimension.

So there you have it for this Tip Tuesday. I hope you found it useful.

Got more dark makeup tips? Leave them in the comments!

Thanks everyone, have a wonderful day!

Makeup Monday

So, today I was going to post about Youniques kudos of the month for you. However, before I could get anything up, it is all on back order! You can still order it, but it will take longer to get to you. AND you will still get the freebie that comes with it.

So, this months kudos is a beeeautiful contour and high light kit. I mean, it  is just fabulous. And I have been waiting for Younique to release a contour palette. So I was pretty excited! 13102720_10206787995085202_8666829840730891294_n

So, this is the kit. Contour color, highlight color, and shimmer. It is lovely. And the brush is amaaazing! The kit comes in light, medium and dark shades, and below is a break down of what shade you would need.13124688_10206787995165204_6125529410411474105_n13138976_10206787995485212_6055003569547771363_n13173912_10206787995565214_8282786426822427499_n

This kit is an item I wish they would make permanent. I love it. It has everything you need, and not a lot of other shades that you are never going to use. I am planning to get some back ordered for myself so I can use them in my kit. Now, you can still order them! They are just back ordered and will be restocked by June. So if you want one, go here and place your order!




Yesterdays work.

I had some free time yesterday so I grabbed my girls and did some practice on them. They enjoy getting to be my face models.

So I did two different looks. The first is a really pretty pink look. I used the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette for some of it. I know  a lot of people don’t like this palette, but when you use it wet, it comes out really pretty. I also used my Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow kit on this look. I put the color Starburst on the inner corner. I used a bright pink from my Karity palette in the outer corner and into the crease. I used the black shadow from the same palette for the eyeliner, for a little softer look. 13151674_1538386453134360_4180017921229933580_n13178026_1538386309801041_8850064099220638422_n

For the second, more fantasy style look, I used mostly my Morphe palette. I did a turquoise cut crease, and on the lid I did a really pretty light aqua color. I used a damp brush to apply it because dry it’s a little too light. I colored her brows with the same color from the crease. I went over the eyelid with a glittery eyeshadow from Sephora in just about the same aqua color. Again, I used a wet brush. I lined her eyes with a white eyeliner from Rimmel.


So there you go! Just some fun looks that we did. I hope that you enjoy them. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

It’s back today!!

Hey everyone! This is the first of TWO posts today!

First of all,  Youniques Touch Mineral liquid foundation in Organza, Chiffon and Satin are back in stock today! WHOOHOO! I’ve been waiting for them, cause I am OUT of foundation! I am super excited to try this out. Foundation is so important to a good makeup look. It evens skin tone and color, which creates a perfect canvas for the rest of your look.  Organza is a light color with pink undertones, which I find hard to locate in other brands of cosmetics. And it’s cruelty free. 🙂 These shades sell out FAST! Don’t delay!


ALSO, our Browed and proud kudos has gotten even BETTER!  Now you get  a free Lash/brow brush and comb AND a lip stain sampler! That’s along with the pigment, brow pencil, brush, brow gel and tweezers! And five FREE stencils! Holy Cow! This is a fantastic deal! You do not want to miss it.


I will post a link to my party so you can order any foundation, brow kits, or lipstick that you need to make it through the month! If you have any questions, feel free to post them below in the comments and I will get back to you!

Have a wonderful day!